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(Copy/Pasted and edited from our old site.)

It will bring customers they said. But that's not why we're starting this blog today! No, it's to be more interactive with the people who visit our site. Our goal with this blog is to bring you insight into our toys, our company, our family by giving you honest reviews on toys that we may not even carry in store but have purchased and want to share. We want to let you in on how we parent, how we deal with the hard days, the long nights, the early mornings and the non-stop wailing all while running a toy store more than full time!

We want to welcome you into the Ivy's Locker family and hope you'll enjoy following us on our journey. This will hopefully be a daily blog, all perspectives and views here will be from a Father. While I hope none of these posts will be controversial, we will touch on topics that are relevant in the world, parenting, social issues, current events but we will primarily focus on play, tools to be used for play, activities, and parenting. You'll get a look into 30 month old Ms. Ivy's life, her struggles, her triumphs, her failures and successes.

You'll learn of parental shortcomings, business struggles, nothing is off topic in this informative and fun blog we're starting. Our first official review blog will be this evening and yes, we will be starting with a Le Toy Van product and it will be a very informative unbiased parental review.

Welcome aboard this new journey we're embarking on, the ride is guaranteed to be fun! We've also launched a facebook group, just search for Le Toy Van in groups and you can take part in all of our awesome giveaways plus exclusive deals.

Write to you soon,

Ivy's Locker - Toys For Less

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