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Ladies and Gentlemen, Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas... The moment we've all been waiting for, well I have at least. Nervous as this will be my first in depth review but ready to give this a shot. Unbiased product reviews on all sorts of brands start here. I'll give you the truth no matter who likes it or how they feel. If I have personally bought and tested a product by giving it to my daughter or a friend's child, then that product will eventually be reviewed right here. Please leave a comment and let us know that you've read this and if you've enjoyed or not. I'm doing this for you to make informed decisions before you make your online purchases. Remember, I may sell Le Toy Van and other brands but I will never lie to support a brand. I am a parent first and foremost and will never recommend a toy that I wouldn't personally give to my child.

Le Toy Van Sweet Dreams Pram Doll Stroller

The Le Toy Van Sweet Dreams Pram caught my attention right away. With it's UK design, clearly a European style pram and not a stroller as we have here in North America, it's beauty took my breath away from the stock photos. Anyone who knows me personally, either through social media or real life, knows how much my daughter loves her Cabbage Patch Doll that was gifted to her from her best friend so this was a must have for little Ms. Ivy. Wanted to wait until Christmas to get it for her as the price tag on it is on the premium end of things but I couldn't control my excitement once it came in with the store orders and I opened it right away.

First, let me tell you about the packaging. The larger Le Toy Van items come with a handle on their packaging, tied to this is a red Le Toy Van ribbon with a little gift card tag. Great idea to make it more personalized when giving as a gift. When I showed 2 and a half year old Ivy the box, she screamed and jumped for joy and wanted to rip open the box thinking it was already put together inside, was the cutest thing. Took a few minutes to get her to leave me alone and let me get to assembling so she could play with it faster but once I started assembling, it was a piece of cake. Instructions are included.

The sturdiness and the paint job on every piece was exquisite, there were no rough edges, nothing needed to be sanded down. Screws went in easily, make sure to use a manual screwdriver to not over force the wood. It took around 12-20 minutes to put together and I give around an 8 minute leeway there in between how long it will take because it took me 20 minutes to put together and that was because I rushed and thought I could do it without the instructions. Yeah, would have been rather quick if I had just followed what I was supposed to and not pretended like I knew everything when it came to assembling a doll stroller.

Once assembled, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. The pink is not too strong so it compliments any girl's room (note: this pram also comes in a very pale blue, we carry that too, just search for pram). The sun shade slides up and down to allow the baby doll to enjoy the sun or stay cool in the shade. Ivy is tall for 30 months and this looks like it will be able to last her for another 4 or 5 years at the height it is. The wheels were an issue for me, if you screw them on too tight, then it's too hard to push, if you screw them on too loose, you can see them wobbling. It took me almost 15 minutes to make the adjustments. Whew.

Aesthetically speaking, this is a masterpiece. It is so beautiful that everyone who has seen it has called it darling and gorgeous. Ease of assembly, follow the pictures and you won't have a problem. Durability, based on the height and feel of the wood, this will last ages. It also doesn't chip when accidentally banged into hard surfaces. It's met the wall quite a few times and is holding up suprisingly well, it's managed to not even get scratched. Doesn't make sense but I'll take it.

DO NOT BRING THIS OUTSIDE! In my opinion this is a Pram/Doll Stroller that was made to be kept and used inside. I do not think the wheels were made for outdoor use and that bringing it outside on cement and roads will damage it. I could be wrong but ours won't be going outdoors.

It even has a cute little doll mattress and a mini diaper bag 😍

If your child loves dolls, this would be the perfect pairing. Apart from how hard it is to adjust the wheels correctly, this beauty from Le Toy Van is just marvellous and I can't say enough about how well designed it is. An absolute winner in our home and one of the best gifts for a child who cares about their dolls!

Leave a comment and let me know how the review was, have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read. Another one coming very soon!

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