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Holztiger 10 Animal Mystery Box

Holztiger 10 Animal Mystery Box

Holztiger 3 Month Subscription Box

Holztiger 3 Month Subscription Box

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We started our toy store with the goal of saving parents money and beating the prices offered in big box stores like Walmart and the inflated prices on Amazon. We started off with the noisy, light up, sing song plastic toys because we were able to bring those to you cheaper than everyone else. Then we bought our first Le Toy Van wood toy for our own daughter and have never looked back. Sustainable, safe wood toys are the way to go. The educational value of our toys along with the durability and joy they bring made these an easy decision to bring to our customers and we've seen the difference. Environmentally friendly, wood toys are the future. 


We are an Official authorized Le Toy Van Canada retailer along with many other brands that we carry. We are a registered business operating out of Quebec and our tax license is up to date. We get our wood toys from the official Canadian Distributors so we don't have to worry about the authenticity of our wooden toys. We're trying to bring in as many wood toy brands as possible so you can continue to bring these enriching wonders to the amazing children you're raising at the lowest price points that we can bring to you. Ivy's Locker - Toys For Less is focused on bringing you the best wood toys in Canada for the lowest prices and fastest and best service!

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